God’s Perspective

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When I read some of my scholarly commentaries for sermon preparation, I expect to learn lots of background information and word study knowledge, but sometimes I am pleasantly surprised, when in the midst of that, I also find some profound devotional thoughts.  Here are two from a commentary on Isaiah by Dr. John Oswalt, who, at the time of this writing, was Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

It is not always easy to gain the divine perspective.  Yet, unless we seek it, we are always in danger of paying too much attention to the passing and paying too little attention to the significant.  Furthermore, apart from a diligent search for God’s perspective in every circumstance, we conclude too easily that God is concerned only about spiritual affairs and not about practical matters, a fallacy which leads to the loss of God in all affairs. (NICOT The Book of Isaiah Chapters 1-39, p. 196)

Once abandon a heartfelt conviction that God does truly care for us and is intimately involved with us, once abandon his perspective for our own, then suddenly decisions which are utterly foolish from his perspective become intelligent and wise. (p. 203)

May God grant us to seek and find the divine perspective in all things.

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