Finding God’s Best

September 1, 2015 at 4:50 pm | Posted in Marriage, Personal Testimony, Wisdom | Leave a comment

A number of things in recent days have reminded me of a sermon I preached a few years ago about Rebekah, and finding God’s best in marriage.  If you are single, if you have single children or grandchildren, you should learn these principles.  These principles also apply to many other areas of finding God’s will.

It is the most requested sermon I have ever preached.  When the church changed web site carriers, many of our on-line sermons were lost.  I’ve dug this one out of the archives to put it back on line.  It is the first message on this page.  (By the way, don’t let the 77 minute note scare you.  I don’t know how that appeared.  It is only 39 minutes — I’m a preacher, but I’m not that long-winded!)

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