Heaven Is a Wonderful Place — Alternative Verses

September 4, 2013 at 5:45 pm | Posted in Eschatology, False teaching | Leave a comment

I concluded my sermon series on hope this past Sunday with thoughts about our final hope of being in the Lord’s presence in heaven.  I quoted that old spiritual song, Heaven Is a Wonderful Place, because it talks about seeing the face of our Savior as part of the glory of heaven.  There is great hope in that – a hope far beyond anything else in the world.  That’s why Paul said “we don’t grieve like others do who have no hope.”  So how would others, because they have no hope, have to sing that song?  Here are some rewritten verses of that old song for people of other belief systems.

I know that some could be offended at these words.  This is not my intent; my purpose is to point out, in a light-hearted manner, that only followers of the real Jesus have a hope beyond this life.  The beliefs of other religious systems offer no real hope.  Others might say these verses are exclusive and simplistic.  I would agree, but they still present the truth.  I found these verses in my files hand scribbled with pencil on the back of some other notes.  I tried to look them up to see where I might have found them, and can only conclude I must have written them myself at some forgotten time in the past.

The Christian Version:

Heaven is a wonderful place,

Filled with glory and grace;

That’s where I’ll see my Savior’s face.

Heaven is a wonderful place.


Heaven is a wonderful place,

But of mercy there is no trace.

I dread the day I see God’s face,

For judgment is in that place.

Eastern Religions

Heaven is a wonderful sound,

but we will never be crowned

to earth we’re forever bound.

So let’s stay here for another round.


Heaven is not a real place.

If I’m good while I’m in this place,

I’ll be a god in outer space,

With my planet to call home base.


Heaven is a wonderful place,

But it’s filled and out of space.

What about the rest of the human race?

For them, not a saving grace


Heaven is a crazy lie,

A promise of “pie in the sky.’

No such thing as “sweet by and by.”

So in our hopelessness we cry

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