Five Years of Blogging

April 8, 2013 at 7:43 pm | Posted in Questions for Pastor Glenn, Uncategorized | 4 Comments

WordPress sent a “Happy Anniversary” telling me I have been blogging for five years now.  It’s hard to believe it’s been that long already.  If you are fairly new to this site, I thought you might like to see my most popular posts of all time.  So here are the five most popular PastorGlenn posts of the past five years:

1.  I wrote “Grieving the NIV” in June last year, as a conclusion to the year-long decision of switching my preaching Bible to either the NIV2011 or the ESV.  Yet in less than ten months it has surpassed all the earlier posts I’d written, and it still gets numerous hits everyday.  A lot of people are grieving the NIV1984, just like I am, and wondering what to do about it.  If you’re interested in the changes made to the NIV in 2011 and why I am not using the NIV anymore, you’ll find this fascinating.  And you will want to read the links and the comments as well.

2.  I wrote “Samson:  Strength, Weakness, Grace” three years ago, and though it didn’t have the sudden popularity of the above post, people search for sermons on Samson’s strengths and weaknesses almost every day.  It is the second most popular I’ve written.  When people read it, I pray they would discover God’s grace in their weakness.

3.  My third most popular is another one I posted in just the past year.  It’s not an article so much as a picture.  Herod’s Family Tree is another thing that someone somewhere searches for almost everyday.  I guess it should come as no surprise, since four generations of the Herod family show up in the Bible, and they are easily confused.  This chart is simple to follow and shows only those family members who have a role in the biblical narrative.

4.  I wrote “Seven Problems with the Prosperity Gospel” two years ago as a summary of many other things I’d said in this blog and in my sermons.  The gospel of prosperity that is preached from many American pulpits today is not the Gospel of Jesus.  It is a distracting addition at best and a dangerous substitute at worst.  When I see this on the list of blogs read on any given day, I pray the reader would discover the true Gospel, the real good news, of Jesus.  If this topic interests you, be sure to read the eighth problem that I added a few days later.

5.  Finally, the fifth most popular article is “Life Can Be Empty” — a presentation of the biblical message using Solomon’s book of Ecclesiastes.  It is so relevant in our American culture today.  I added a separate tab for this one very early in my blogging days in hopes that some might find it who need the message.

Thanks for reading.  Whether you visit on a regular basis or you just happen by once from some search, I hope you are blessed by it.  May you grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.    –Pastor Glenn


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  1. “Life Can Be Empty” is a very special post. If you click on your blog from my blogroll it takes you straight to that post.

  2. Theresa, Thanks for your encouraging comment here and your question the other day on the previous post. It’s good to hear from you. I will once again defer your question for a while. It’s one of those I don’t have time to answer at the moment. I always appreciate the insight evident in your comments and questions. I haven’t even checked in with your blog for a few weeks; will have to do that soon.
    Blessings, GG

  3. I had asked two questions. It is the second question that I really was hoping to have answered.

    My reason for asking it was that in the past I have both listened to sermons and read the writings of “reformed” teachers and also Primitive Baptists. When they speak of grace they are usually more specific and call it “sovereign grace”.

    They do this because they are 5-point Calvinists. I have done a lot of reading over the years on each point. Limited Atonement has been the hardest one for me until recently when I considered that the word “all” could possibly include “all” of the human race which would make perfect sense if you were to thoughtfully refer to Jesus as “The Last Adam” as you read the 5th chapter of Romans (especially verse 18) followed by another reading of the four gospels.

    I have no formal Bible training, do not know Greek, Hebrew, or Latin. But in my mind the verses about The Great Commission use phrases like “the uttermost parts of the earth”. That makes me think in terms of geography, but John 3:16 and others that use the word “all” come across to me as all who fell because of Adam’s fall…all of the Human race. I think if we need to know all about what sovereign grace entails (those unsearchable riches spoken about in the 3rd chapter of Ephesians) and find the courage refrain from stopping short even if it might seem unpalatable to some of us readers.

  4. There was a typo in the last sentence of my comment that I made a few minutes ago. I would appreciate it if you could delete the word “if”, and insert the word “to” between “courage” and “refrain”. I am sorry for having such poor typing skills.

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