An Election Day Prayer, by Aspah

November 6, 2012 at 8:17 am | Posted in Devotional thoughts, Prayer, Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Asaph, the worship leader in Israel during the reign of King David, wrote these words, but they are so appropriate for us today.

O God, do not keep silence; do not hold your peace or be still, O God!  For behold, your enemies make an uproar; those who hate you have raised their heads.  They lay crafty plans against your people; they consult together against your treasured ones.  .  .  .

O my God, make them like whirling dust, like chaff before the wind.  As fire consumes the forest, as the flame sets the mountains ablaze, so may you pursue them with your tempest and terrify them with your hurricane!  Fill their faces with shame, that they may seek your name, O LORD.  Let them be put to shame and dismayed forever; let them perish in disgrace, that they may know that you alone, whose name is the LORD, are the Most High over all the earth. (Psalm 83:1-3, 13-18)

Today, my home country will choose a leader between two men, neither of whom, by biblical standards, is a godly man.  Yet they are so far apart in philosophy and values, that I see this as the most critical election of my lifetime.  Both of these men oppose the Gospel of Jesus, in one way or another.  But whoever gets elected today, God is still in control.  And, like Asaph, we can pray the prayer above.  Ultimately, whatever happens to this temporal and worldly kingdom, God’s kingdom will prevail.  Those who oppose him will someday be put to shame and dismayed forever.  Our prayer for our ruler, whoever it may be, is that he would seek the name of the Lord and know the true God alone as the Most High over all the earth.

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