In Jesus, All Is Fullfilled

September 22, 2012 at 8:47 am | Posted in Books and Movies, Devotional thoughts, Theology | Leave a comment

I am reading F.F. Bruce, The New Testament Development of Old Testament Themes.  Though I am only 1/3 the way through the book, it has already been interesting and thought provoking.  Bruce does exactly what the title implies; he follows key themes of the OT into the New, to show how they are developed.  I found this book, believe it or not, in a Mormon used-book store, when we drove to Utah to pick up our daughter and spend a day with Loren and Carrie, our church planter friends with whom she worked.  Loren said he often found some treasures there.

I was interested in the title, and wanted to see how Bruce handles some topics that affect Dispensational theology.  I was pretty certain he was not a Dispensationalist himself, since very few European theologians are, and that has already been confirmed by my reading.  However, Bruce’s development has been thought provoking in other ways.  Without going overboard into typological interpretation, he shows how the major themes of the OT are fulfilled in Jesus.  The following quote was in the first chapter.  It was worth the cost of the book just to find this:

In Jesus the promise is confirmed, the covenant renewed, the prophecies are fulfilled, the law is vindicated, salvation is brought near, sacred history has reached its climax, the perfect sacrifice has been offered and accepted, the great priest over the household of God has taken his seat at God’s right hand, the Prophet like Moses has been raised up, the Son of David reigns, the Kingdom of God has been inaugurated, the Son of Man has received dominion from the Ancient of Days, the Servant of the Lord, having been smitten to death for his people’s transgression and borne the sin of many, has accomplished the divine purpose, has seen the light after the travail of his soul and is now exalted and extolled and made very high.

That’s a great thought for the day.  I’m sure if the Mormon’s knew what was in it, they never would have sold it in one of their stores.

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