Book Review: The Chiveis Trilogy

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Between some vacation time and some fires to put out, I have done little writing or blog reading for the past four weeks.  However, I have had some time for pleasure reading, and have been reading a fascinating series of fiction books known as the Chiveis trilogy by Bryan Litfin.  I have only completed the first two books, so I hope a more thorough review will come later, but I still wanted to let my readers know about this wonderful series.

These books are adventure, romance, science fiction and theology all rolled into one.  The history behind the story line is one I’ve seen before – at least twice in my high-school science fiction class and a few times since – the world as we know it is destroyed by nuclear holocaust and the world which follows is different in many ways, being a few centuries behind us in technology.  What made this story so fascinating, and the reason I picked it up, is because the author tells the story of the rediscovery of the Bible after it had been lost for a couple of centuries.  My studies and interest in the rediscovery of the Bible in the Reformation made this a must read for me.  It has been well worth the time.

The story is exciting adventure as the heroine and hero are constantly in danger from nature and from enemies, and must repeatedly rescue each other from peril.  It was page-turning excitement.  Litfin’s prologue makes the demise of civilization sound possible, but some of the perils of the main characters are less believable.  More believable is that the political authorities in the book, like those in the Reformation era, do everything in their power to keep the Bible an unknown book.  But this story is also a romance.  As the main characters are providentially thrown together and get to know each other, a relationship almost as rocky as the peril they face ensues.  But more importantly, the books are good theology.  Written by Bryan Litfin, a theology professor at Moody Bible Institute, these books teach the reader, sometimes without him knowing it, some fundamental truths of God.  I was emotionally drawn into the story most, not by adventure or romance, but by the thrill of people discovering the Bible for the first time in their lives.  I often cried as Anastasia read the Psalms and fell in love with the God she’d discovered and as Teo, in spite of his independent strength, learned of his great need for God.

I will give a final report after finishing book three, but am far enough along to recommend this trilogy to someone looking for exciting fiction that not only supports a Christian ethic but teaches a Christian world view.  Watch the names of people and places.  I was half-way through the second book before I realized that many of the people’s names have meaning and many of the place names are recognizable.  I’ve even been in some of those places.

The trilogy has a website at where you can see interviews with the author and even a trailer for the series, which is amazing since a movie has not yet been made.

The End of Proverbs and a Noble Wife

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I finished Proverbs today and have three thoughts to share.

First, I have an amazing wife who clearly fits the Proverbs description “a wife of noble character.” (31:10)  Next month will be our thirtieth anniversary, and I can say without reservation that “her worth is far above rubies.”  Many things in this chapter could be said, but the descriptions that describe her best are these: “She provides food for her family;” “she sets about her work vigorously;” “she is clothed with strength and dignity;” “she speaks with wisdom;” “faithful instruction is on her tongue;” and “a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”  I am thankful everyday for the amazing gift she is to me.  I am still exhilarated by her love (Prov 5:19).  Cathy, many women do noble things, but you surpass them all!

Second, I am done with the NIV2011.  If you’ve followed my thinking on this matter throughout the year, you already knew this.  I had planned to read the NIV2011 through in my devotions this year, but Proverbs was so bad about using they, them and their as plural pronouns, and about changing singular nouns to plurals so they could use those pronouns, that I had trouble getting through it.  I had already switched most of my reading plan to the ESV, but was still reading Psalms and Proverbs from the NIV2011.  I still have a few Psalms to complete, and will try to do that, but Proverbs was the end for me as far as my search for the next Bible and the NIV are concerned.  You can read more of my thoughts on this matter here.

Finally, “Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.” (30:5)  I am thankful for God’s wonderful word that I can read every day in my native tongue!

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