Leviticus and Holiness, Grace and Worship

January 31, 2012 at 9:29 am | Posted in Devotional thoughts, Grace and Faith, Worship | 1 Comment

To our modern and post-modern ears, Leviticus is a rather boring book.  It is full of seemingly irrelevant rules and regulations about sacrifices and priests – things we don’t need or use today.  However, to the careful reader, there are many gems to be found.  Here are two exercises to help find some of those: First, when you read this book, notice how often God mentions holiness, cleanliness, and related thoughts; the theme verse is “Be holy because I, the LORD your God, am holy.” (found in 19:2 and other places)  God desires his people to be holy.  That would have two lessons for today, both a reminder of how we should act and a reminder of our ultimate holiness, which is found in Jesus.  Second, as you are reading the Law books of the Old Testament, take time to read Hebrews 8:1 through 10:18 numerous times.  Your eyes will be opened to the incredible work that God did through Jesus; you’ll see in part what it means that the Law is fulfilled in Jesus.

I found one of those hidden gems while reading Leviticus today.  I was amazed that God ordained Aaron to be the high priest in Leviticus 8 and 9, considering that it had been only a short time since Aaron made the golden calf idol for the Israelites to worship, and how, when confronted about it, he told Moses an outright lie to pass the blame.  Yet, here in Leviticus, God is still making him the priest.  What a picture of grace and forgiveness!  Before Aaron and his sons could do anything, they had to offer a sacrifice for themselves, for their own sin, but when they had done that, they were able to offer sacrifices for the people too.  I’m sure the Israelites saw the grace pictured in this, so after Aaron had made the sacrifices, and after he had blessed them, and after the glory of the LORD appeared, “they shouted for joy and fell face down!” (9:24 NIV)  We should emulate their response.  How often do we take God’s grace and forgiveness as routine, when we should shout for joy and fall down to worship?

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  1. God’s grace is a gift,one that enables me to have relationship with Him. He wants to be my friend and I want to be His friend.

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