Movie Review: Soul Surfer

April 9, 2011 at 6:49 pm | Posted in Books and Movies | Leave a comment

About three years ago, we read together as a family a great little autobiographical book by teenager Bethany Hamilton, called Soul Surfer.  It was a wonderful family devotional and inspirational read about a young surfing phenom who lost her arm in a shark attack.  So, a few weeks ago, when my daughter discovered it was coming out as a movie, she could hardly wait to see it.  The movie was out yesterday, and this morning we all attended the Saturday matinee.  Very inspirational!  Very touching!

Since Bethany herself was in on the production, the film sticks to the true story.  (The accident and rescue scenes may be too intense for little ones.)  And though the Christian testimony of the film is not as strong as the book, there are clearly those elements present.

As big Narnia fans, we looked forward to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader earlier this winter, but, with the exception of Will Poulter’s great portrayal of Eustace, Soul Surfer was better in most every respect I can judge.  It is at times intense, at times funny, at times a tear jerker, and always emotionally stirring.  If the guys want an inspiring sports story, this is it.  If the ladies want a touching-the-heart story, this is it.  All three of us left the theater thinking we’d just seen a real winner.

Take time to see this one.  Be sure to stay for the credits.  While they run you can watch family films of the real Bethany Hamilton on one side of the screen – another very touching aspect of the film.  Her smile is infectious!

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