Remembering Lot’s Wife

December 7, 2010 at 9:47 am | Posted in Devotional thoughts, Swimming | 1 Comment

I’m writing this while sitting on a school bus for the first time in many years, going with the high school swim team to a meet.  My volunteering for the team has taken up more and more of my time.  With two days of practice and two meets this week, I’ve been busy, and busy minded.  I have spent a lot of mental energy on swimming.  So my mind has been occupied with temporal things.  In the midst of this I read Luke 17:32, where Jesus said “Remember Lot’s wife.”  The Old Testament character Lot was told to flee from the wrath coming upon the city without looking back, but his wife did gaze back and, famously, became a pillar of salt.  Jesus’ words seem like a funny quote in their context.  But it struck me this week that one of the things Jesus is telling his followers is not to gaze back at temporal things – things that will eventually be destroyed – from which we should flee.  I so easily get caught up with things that don’t really matter.  But how do I keep from doing that?  I can’t totally remove myself from temporal things without removing myself from life as I know it.  So I take it to mean that I must not find my life in such things.  Yet when my entire metal energy is given to temporal things rather than eternal things, then I am close to that line.  How can I encourage young swimmers and still invest in the eternal.  I am asking God to help me use this opportunity for eternal things and not just temporal swimming skills.  I don’t know how to do that in a context where I can’t openly share Christ, but I trust he will open the doors.


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  1. Pastor Glen: thank you for this posting. It reminds me to keep on letting go (a many-times-repeated process) of those things that, although they seem so very, very important to me, in the grand scheme–they really are not. I must remember to keep my eye on my heavenly eternal life and not my earthly temporal life.

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