Movie Review: To Save a Life

November 30, 2010 at 9:38 am | Posted in Books and Movies | Leave a comment

We took some extra time off at Thanksgiving, and I haven’t written here for quite a while.  I did write a lengthy response to a comment on an earlier theological post.  If you are interested in eschatology and in the relationship of the church to Israel, you can read the comment and response here. There are two things I’ve wanted to post in the past week, so this and the article below are both new.

My daughter brought home a movie from the library over the weekend.  She’d seen some scenes from it at youth group and wanted to view the whole film.  What a great story.  The basic plot is a high school star athlete who unintentionally ignores his boyhood best friend as he becomes a hero and gets caught up with the popular crowd.  The former friend is unpopular, ignored by all, and eventually commits suicide.  The suicide causes the main character to reevaluate his own life.  The Gospel is not presented in the film, but the power of the gospel to change lives and give meaning is clear.  And the way Christians sometimes ignore or condemn the needy among them is a poignant and convicting theme.

“To Save a Life” is not a film that blindly ignores youth problems of our day, or conveniently brushes them under the carpet.  It’s rated PG-13 because of the blunt show of cussing, alcohol, cutting, and sex.  Nor does this film make a sappy display of everything being wonderful when the hero turns to God.  In fact, things get uglier for him, and he questions God through it.  However, it does show that sometimes we must decide to do hard things, even at a cost to our dreams and pursuits.  Great film; my family has talked about it for two days since.  Get a copy and watch it.

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