Immigration and Mission

November 30, 2010 at 9:27 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

We had in our church last week the man who oversees intercultural ministries in the US for our denomination.  He works with churches in the US that are designed to minister to people of other languages and cultures.  This once Swedish denomination has churches in this country that are Hispanic, Brazilian, Vietnamese, Haitian, Japanese, even Arabic(!), and some others I can’t remember.  He told some fascinating stories about many people who have come to our country, heard the Gospel in such a church, trusted Christ, and are now returning to their home countries as missionaries who don’t need to learn a new language or strange culture.  It is amazing what God is doing in this field – especially opening doors to Muslims.

One comment he made causes me to rethink everything I’ve ever thought about immigration to the USA.  I tend toward a very conservative politic, and believe in most areas, there are good historical and biblical reasons for taking that position.  It’s no accident evangelical Christians are overwhelmingly political conservatives.  However, without making any political statements at all, this man offered an incredible apologetic for not tightening immigration laws.  People are flooding into our country, where they can freely hear the gospel; some of them are coming to Christ here; and some of those are returning home as Christian missionaries.  Why should we, as Christian believers, want to close the doors to that means of getting the Gospel to the world?

This post is likely to get blasted by conservatives who disagree.  That’s OK; you’re welcome to fire away.  If you make comments, I only ask, first, that you realize I’m just asking the question as a seeker who hasn’t made a definite change in position, but who has had my own thinking on this matter shaken; and second, that any arguments you make be biblical or theological in nature and not just political.


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