Daniel and Elections

November 4, 2010 at 5:04 pm | Posted in Devotional thoughts, It's All About God | Leave a comment

I have been reading Daniel in my devotions this week.  This book is not so much about the end times or eras of history as it is about the sovereignty of God.  The often repeated theme, said in numerous ways, is “God’s kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and his dominion is from generation to generation.”   He is the One who gives wisdom to interpret dreams and visions (1:17; 2:20-23, 28-29, 47).  He is the One who establishes and destroys earthly kingdoms and dominions (1:2, 9; 2:37-38; 4:17, 25, 32; 5:18, 21).  He is the One who delivers his people (1:17; 2:17-18; 3:17-18, 28-29; 6:16, 20-22).  Finally, His kingdom will remain forever (2:44; 4:3, 34; 6:26).  I find it interesting that the book establishes this principle before it ever gets into Daniel’s visions of the future.

The US elections this week show that many people are upset over the government’s recent actions, and that a change in leadership is necessary.  Conservative Christians, and I’m one of those, see the election as somewhat of a victory.  However, in my experience, many politically active Christians seem to think, or at least talk as though they think, God is no longer in control at the governmental level, so we must take over.  Certainly we must do our part, but the truth that God establishes governmental authorities still stands.  He is in control and His kingdom will never end, regardless of what happens to our earthly kingdom.


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