100 Cupboards

July 13, 2010 at 10:35 am | Posted in Books and Movies | 1 Comment

            Recently, my daughter and I both finished this wonderful trilogy from N.D. Wilson.  And we both loved it.  The three books, 100 Cupboards, Dandelion Fire, and The Chestnut King were fun and well written books from a Christian author in the tradition of Narnia and Middle Earth.

            The first book starts as slow as a lazy Kansas summer day, with Henry York coming to live with his uncle, aunt and cousins in Henry, Kansas.  But stick with the series, because things heat up quickly when Henry discovers a universe of new worlds in the 99 cupboards hidden behind his attic bedroom wall, and they get even more exciting when entering one of those worlds unleashes an ancient and powerful force of evil.  The entire series finds Henry, with his friends and relatives, working to defeat that evil.  Each book gets more complicated and more exciting than the one before it.  Filled with many twists and turns the series comes to a grand conclusion and a final unexpected twist.  There are many characters with admirable qualities and yet all have their failings as well.  We can cheer Fat Frank’s commitment to do the right thing regardless of the cost – and it costs him dearly, Caleb and Mordecai’s relentless pursuit of victory over the evil queen, and Henry’s constant search for the good in spite of the attraction he has to the evil queen.

            If you want an exciting, well-written, good-vs-evil adventure fantasy that involves no sex or crude language, then this is a series for you.  Some of the evil and violence in this series will be too intense for younger children (it lies somewhere between Narnia and Lord of the Rings), but for young teens, for young-at-heart adults, and for never-grown-up pastors, 100 Cupboards is wonderful!

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  1. 100 cupboards is one of my favorite book series, it left me wishing I could find 99 magical cupboards behind my bedroom wall. Personaly, I think that Dandelion Fire is the best.

    Have Fun Reading.

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