Perfected for All Time

June 2, 2010 at 10:46 am | Posted in False teaching, Security and Assurance, Theology | Leave a comment

          Once again it is imperative to check the tenses in the New Testament when God tells us what is true about us and what has been or will be accomplished for us.  Ignoring those tenses leads to a false theology and a lack of genuine security.  Last week I was reading Hebrews and was struck by these phrases:  “Through his own blood he entered the holy place once for all, having obtained eternal redemption.” (9:12)  And “by one offering he has perfected for all time those who are sanctified.” (10:14)  Notice that Jesus has already obtained eternal redemption, and if it is eternal, nothing can change or destroy it.  Notice that Jesus as already perfected those who are sanctified, and if perfected by him, nothing can pollute them.  These verses are similar to others that tell us we have eternal life now; that we are justified now; that we have been redeemed already.

          The last time I talked to my Jehovah Witness friend, he told me that sin includes even bad attitudes we have, and that we all sin almost every day.  He told me that Jesus death and resurrection is their biggest celebration because it gives them the opportunity to be forgiven.  Jesus died so we can live up his expectations and receive forgiveness.  So I asked him if Jesus has forgiven the sin he will commit tomorrow.  He said he hoped he wouldn’t sin tomorrow, so I pressed the question with, “You will sin, by your own definition, if not tomorrow, then certainly the next day.  Has Jesus forgiven that sin?”  He had no answer.  If he’d said yes, then I would have asked why he has to live up to Jesus’ expectations to be forgiven, and if he’d said no, I would have asked how Jesus could forgive any of his sins, since they were all future when Jesus died.  The biblical truth is that Jesus obtained eternal salvation when he died.  My friend has no security; but the biblical truth tells me that those who trust Jesus are eternally secure.

          I haven’t seen my friend since that day, but I’ve often prayed that my question will make him uneasy with his understanding, so he will see the biblical truth.  Jesus paid it all!

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