The King’s Friend

April 13, 2010 at 9:17 am | Posted in Devotional thoughts, Wisdom | Leave a comment

I Kings 4:1-7 “King Solomon ruled over all Israel, and these were his chief officials.”  This passage contains the list of Solomon’s closest advisors – his cabinet.  The titles include priests, secretaries, recorder, and commander of the army; also listed are the men in charge of district officers, forced labor, and the palace; and there are twelve district governors.  These are not at all unusual, but the surprising thing to me about this list is one man titled the king’s friend!  “Zabud the son of Nathan, a priest, was the king’s friend.”  (v5 NASB) 

            If a president or king today appoints his close friend to a cabinet position, most might call it nepotism or personal favor.  But why shouldn’t a man in a trusted position have a close friend nearby to counsel him.  Maybe an old friend can keep a man’s head out of the clouds, can bring him down to reality, when the power of the position temps him to pride.  Rather than call it nepotism, maybe we should allow rulers to appoint one person to the position of “king’s friend.”  For that matter, all of us need a friend to keep our heads out of the clouds.

            I have in the past given the position of “friend” to some people; I have asked various men to be advisors or accountability partners.  Unfortunately, I have been burned two times by men who bailed out of the church I was pastoring without any warning to me why they were thinking that way.  Each was in the perfect position to counsel me on the matters with which they had problems, or to seek their own counsel, but those things never happened.  However, I still need accountability partners.  We are all in some positions of trust and need a “king’s friend” to keep us accountable.  I have recently been praying about who that might be.  Who is your “king’s friend?”

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