Two Examples of Old-Age Faith

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Within the passage of scripture I read today (Joshua 12-17), which is mostly boring lists of borders and towns, is a great tale of two faiths.  When Caleb finally arrived in the holy land, a place he’d spied out 45 years before, he was ready, in spite of his age, to go in and take the land which God had promised him.  No matter that the land was filled with fortified cities and the Anakim (giant people), Caleb believed God would grant him victory. (14:6-15)  This is the same faith Caleb and Joshua had 45 years before, when the other ten spies were afraid because of the Anakim and their fortified cities.  At that time, they said, “We should by all means go up and take possession of the land. . . .  the Lord is with us; do not fear them.” (See Numbers 13:27-14:10)

Then, just three chapters later we see the tribes of Joseph complain that their allotment of land is not big enough for them.  Joshua replied, “If you are so numerous, go and clear a place in the forest.”  But the forest land was inhabited by people who had chariots of iron – the latest technology in warfare – and the people were afraid.  Joshua encouraged them, with that same faith he’d demonstrated 45 years earlier, “the hill country shall be yours  . . .  You shall drive out the Canaanites even though they have chariots of iron.” (17:14-18)

O that I might have the same bold faith at 85 that I had at 40, that old age would not lessen my confidence in God or my memory of his great promises, that I would trust God no matter what new power or technology seems to come against me.  I don’t want to check out as I get older, nor do I want to rest on the past.  I hope to continue with bold faith in God.

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