Jesus and BMW

February 12, 2010 at 12:08 pm | Posted in Books and Movies, Theology | Leave a comment

            We have continued to read Bruce Ware’s Big Truths for Young Hearts for our family devotions, though not as often as I would like.  Below is a passage we read the other day that deserves mention.

       Imagine for a moment that someone, say, an older brother of yours, was shopping for a new car.  He went to a BMW car dealership and asked to test drive a beautiful, shiny, brand-new sports car.  The dealer handed him the keys, and he drove off.  Now, you need to know that for the past several days it had rained buckets in your area, and your brother decided to drive this shiny new car out on the dirt roads in the country.  Well, as you could imagine, the roads were muddy as could be, and your brother drove this car wildly, turning and sliding every which way in the mud before he brought it back to the showroom floor.  When he drove it in, absolutely covered in mud, the dealer exclaimed, “What have you done to my car!”  But to this your brother calmly said, “O you needn’t worry.  I’ve not taken anything away from your car, I’ve only added to it.”  And, of course, your brother was right.  Every quality of that car was still there.  It still had its beautiful coat of paint and luster; nothing had been removed from what was there before.  Rather something had been added to it – a thick coat of mud!  But notice what this mud did.  It covered over that beautiful shine, so that, even though it was still there, you couldn’t see it.  (p.112)

            Ware uses this great illustration to demonstrate for young minds how Christ “emptied himself, taking on the form of a bondservant,” to be made in the likeness of man.  Though Jesus didn’t lose any of his divine qualities in his taking on the form of a servant, he voluntarily gave up the use of some of them.  They were masked by his servant hood, just as the car in the illustration was masked by the mud, yet he still was God with all the divine attributes.  A great word picture to explain a difficult idea!

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