Best Books of 2009

January 5, 2010 at 5:43 pm | Posted in Books and Movies | 1 Comment

          This past year was a slow one for reading; I didn’t do near as much as I would have liked.  Too much Rockies baseball on the radio, too many sudoku puzzles, rather than books, in the quiet moments.  But here’s the best or most interesting ones I recall.  If the title appears as a link, it connects you to my blog about that book.

I read, for the first time, some of Michael Crichton’s novels.  Jurassic Park, The Lost World, and The Andromeda Strain.  There are some men in the congregation who really like Crichton, so I thought I’d read his most famous to see what he’s about.  They were all fun reads – hard to put down – but I was disappointed that everyone was a lesson in evolutionary theory.

The Shack. Wm. Paul Young.  It wouldn’t be on this list of favorites except that my review of the book is the most read post I’ve ever written.  Just don’t miss the addendum to it, as I hardened my opinion after further review.

Simple Church. Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger.  Our Elders have worked through this one together. I found the details and statistics boring, and sometimes they didn’t really seem to support what the authors were saying.  But the main emphasis of a church committed to one simple process of making disciples was great.  Village is a complicated church, by the author’s definition, and the leadership is struggling with how to simplify.

Angel in the Whirlwind. Benson Bobrick.  (This book got a second blog)  A too long and detailed history of the American Revolution.  But still profound and thrilling.

Swimming to Antarctica. Lynn Cox.  My family read this one together, and it was by far the most fun book of the year.

Transforming Grace. Jerry Bridges.  As Christians, we often believe that salvation is by grace, but that living the Christian life is on our own merits.  Bridges counters with the biblical truth that all of the Christian life, from new birth to heaven is by grace.  Though the repetition on the theme got a little long the truths presented were very valuable.

John Calvin, A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine, and Doxology. Burke Parsons, ed. (This book got two blogs also)  The best Christian book of the year for me.  Both insightful and inspiring.  The title says it all.

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  1. I noticed, when posting this, that my book review of The Shack was deleted when I removed the tab for it on the main page. This has been corrected now, so that review can be read. However, there were numerous insightful comments and responses to that review, and, unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to recover those.

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