Vacation Thoughts

November 30, 2009 at 5:59 pm | Posted in Devotional thoughts | Leave a comment

            I was on vacation with my family last week.  We spent the first part of the week in a mountain cabin owned by some friends of ours (a better description would be a nice mountain home, but they call it a cabin).  It was a great time of rest and sabbath — no phone or Internet.  We slept in, read all morning, got out for a walk or cross country ski trip in the afternoon, played games in the evening.  Here is one journal entry from that time and another related devotional thought:

            Psalm 76:4  This morning while I was walking my daughter’s puppy, he suddenly stopped still and smelled the air staring off into the trees.  I noticed some mule deer there.  I picked the little guy up so he could see better, and he watched for a long time.  When we returned to the cabin, I watched the hill where we’d been walking and, from that vantage point, saw a four-point buck and seven does.  We pulled out the binoculars, and my family watched for a long time too.  It was indeed majestic.  However, the majesty of this world is only a glimpse of the real majesty of God.  “You are resplendent with light, more majestic than mountains rich with game.” 

            In his blog this morning, John Piper quoted Spurgeon, in Lectures to My Students, about the need for those in ministry to take such sabbaths:

   A day’s breathing of fresh air upon the hills, or a few hours, ramble in the beech woods’ umbrageous calm, would sweep the cobwebs out of the brain of scores of our toiling ministers who are now but half alive.  A mouthful of sea air, or a stiff walk in the wind’s face, would not give grace to the soul, but it would yield oxygen to the body, which is next best.  

            Amen!  I sure appreciated my time away in the mountains.  I hope the cobwebs are out of the brain!

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