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            I just returned from a one-day “vision” trip to Utah. I went with some other pastors from Converge Rocky Mountain to meet two new church planters we have appointed and to see the areas where they will be planting. It was an absolutely fascinating trip, and I could write pages about it. Here is the brief summary of my biggest impressions.

            We first attended part of a seminar for pastors and church planters in Utah at K-2 Church in Salt Lake City. WOW! God is really working in northern Utah. The testimonies of the men there indicated how God has been softening hearts of people in recent years. One church, less than five years old, has over 1,000 in attendance each week; one pastor reported 450 baptisms in the past two years; long-term pastors told how much more open the area is to the gospel now than ever; one man said God is thawing the spiritual coldness of the state. Utah is an unreached people group – less than 2% of the population attends a Bible–believing church. But that is changing, and we have an opportunity to get in on the amazing things God is doing.

            Second, we traveled to a Mormon temple on a hill overlooking some communities south of Salt Lake where Charles Hill has located and plans to begin his work. We saw an area with about 100,000 people now and over 20,000 homes scheduled to be built in the next few years. There is not one Protestant church in the area – not one! That would be like our communities of Thornton and Westminster together (200,000) without a church.

            We also traveled to Centerville, north of Salt Lake, where Loren Pankratz is looking to plant. We stood on a plot of ground he has purchased for a family home. He showed us all the homes being built within just a few blocks of his. The population is 20,000 and expected to grow by 20,000 more in just a few years. Again, there is not one Protestant church in that town and in the adjoining community.

           Between these two stops we visited the Temple Square in the middle of Salt Lake City. To hear Loren gently question the young missionary lady that approached us was an education in itself. Certainly God has raised up this young man for just such a ministry. 

            May God continue to work in Utah, raising up laborers for the harvest and drawing people to himself.


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