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I read Dr. Pegler’s musings the other day.  After talking about greed verses the desire for improvement in an economic system of capitalism, he asks the question, “From this, can we conclude that a form of capitalism is more in tune with our being made in the image of God than other economic systems?”  He makes a good point.  You can read his article here.

My first response and my comment to his article was along the lines that greed cannot drive capitalism, because to make a buck in capitalism one must meet the needs of others.  (You can read that comment in the link above also.)  After writing my comment, I was reminded of an e-mail someone sent me about the differences between a liberal and a conservative.  There I hinted that capitalism is the most biblical economic system because it puts a check on human depravity.  I did some digging and found the text of that exchange:


Dear Pastor Glenn,

You may have heard this before, but George Will was on TV last night and was asked the difference between conservatives and liberals. His response was:  “A conservative is most concerned with freedom, and is willing to accept inequities in outcome to preserve it.  A liberal is most concerned with equality of outcome, and is willing to accept limitations on freedoms to achieve it.”

I liked it because I thought it was concise, fair and relatively accurate.


Dear  .  .  . ,

It’s been months, and I haven’t yet responded to this e-mail, but I have thought about it often since you sent it.  I have two comments:

1.     I always thought a conservative, at least on an economic level, is concerned with equality of opportunity over equality in outcome.  I suppose one could say that true freedom would imply equality of opportunity – the idea behind a “free” market.  The more I thought about it, the more I thought George Will might be right.

2.     If Will’s definition of a liberal is right, it seems to me that the liberal view, again on an economic level, will always lead to communism.  There will be fewer and fewer freedoms as we strive to achieve greater and greater equality.  However, because of depravity, there never will be equality of outcome until there are no freedoms left.  The reason most Christians are fiscal conservatives is because a genuine free market actually puts a check on our depravity – it forces us to use our greed to meet the needs of others!

Anyway, just some thoughts.



Any economic system that gets away from a free market, allows the greedy people in power to become wealthy a the expense of the common people.  A truly free market limits that abuse.

Does anyone else have some other thoughts?



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