The Purpose of Christmas

December 16, 2008 at 4:11 pm | Posted in Books and Movies, It's All About God | Leave a comment

Rick Warren has written a new book called The Purpose of Christmas.  He explains the contents in his promotional video, which you can watch here on Amazon and in other places.  His outline is great as far as it goes.

Warren says the purpose of Christmas is three-fold, as given by the angels to the shepherds in Luke 2:10-14.  First, the purpose of Christmas is Celebration.  The announcement the angels brought was good news for all people – a reason to celebrate.  Second, the purpose of Christmas is Salvation.  The one who was born is called, by the angels, the Savior – he came to save us from our sin.  And third, the purpose of Christmas is Reconciliation.  The angels sang “peace to men,” meaning the peace of God in our lives, peace with God, and peace with each other.  We can be reconciled to God because Jesus came to earth.

Since Luke 2:10-14 is my passage for the upcoming Sunday message, I found it interesting to get Warren’s input.  It is a great outline, however, it completely ignores the highest purpose of Christmas, the purpose to which all the others point.  Christmas is all about God’s glory.  Warren should have added that the fourth purpose of Christmas is Glorification.  The emphatic part of the angels’ song is not “peace to men,” or “peace on earth,” but “Gloria in excelsis Deo!”  Glory to God in the highest.

Our salvation and reconciliation are great things to celebrate, and we are the blessed recipients of them, but ultimately salvation and reconciliation are not about us.  They are, as I hope readers of this blog have figured out, all about God.  This Christmas let’s join Rick Warren in celebration about salvation and reconciliation; but let’s not stop there.  Let’s also join the angels in celebration, recognizing that Christmas is about Glorification.  Gloria in excelsis Deo!


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