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Luke 12:51  “Do you think I came to bring peace on the earth?  No, I tell you, but division.” Sometimes, we, in evangelical circles, emphasize loving others so much, we forget that following Jesus separates us from the world.  We who are his followers are described as “holy,” which means separated.  I read these words of Jesus this morning and was reminded of a talk I listened to last week that was given by a Jewish man who is a Torah scholar.  He talked about the fact that holiness means separation but the world and media we deal with deny any sort of separation.  They deny the separation between male and female, thus any sexual roles are allowed.  They deny the separation between fetus and mother, even though the DNA evidence clearly supports this separation, thus they can call abortion a choice about one’s body.  They deny the separation between human and animal, thus it is better to abort babies than to wear fur coats.  They deny the separation of good and evil, so that nothing can be called “evil” in the news anymore.  Those politicians who dare use the word “evil” are hated by many in the media!  Jesus separates his followers from the world when he declares them holy.  They need to live out that separation by recognizing the distinctions God has made.  Sometimes that recognition will bring us into direct conflict with the world.  But ultimately we know that they cannot harm us beyond this temporal life – see verse 4 of this same chapter.

By the way, I believe that our separation from the world is to be a separation of belief, character and action, but not one of association.  There are some Christians who would take this idea of separation to include association with anyone who is evil, but this seems to deny the example of Jesus, the examples of the apostles and the Great Commission.

The link to the talk I mentioned in the first pargraph was sent to me by a man in my congregation.  It is from a Focus on the Family broadcast dated September 29.  Here is the link:


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