Prince Caspian revisited

June 10, 2008 at 11:35 am | Posted in Books and Movies, Wisdom | Leave a comment

My daughter received some theater passes, so we returned to Prince Caspian a second time.  I’m such a huge Narnia fan I just couldn’t resist.  This time through I wasn’t trying to evaluate everything according to the book, so I was more into the story and actually enjoyed the experience far more.  I heard some funny lines and saw many details I’d missed the first time.  I think those who don’t know the books would also benefit from seeing it a second time, because one can gather so much more of the story.  I won’t change my earlier evaluation in terms of negatives.  I still think sending Lucy out for Aslan, rather than Aslan finding the children, is an awful mistake, and I’m still disappointed the old nurse isn’t in the story.

But one other positive thing stood out this time that we all saw as a major theme of the Caspian movie, though it isn’t in the book at all.  Two scenes invented by the movie writers help bring this theme to the front.  I wondered why Douglas Gresham would allow so much deviation from the book in this movie that didn’t happen in the first, and I have concluded that this theme is the reason.  (Gresham is C.S. Lewis’ step son and heir, who was the co-producer of both films.  I understand that his presence was the reason Disney was allowed to make them)  The theme is Peter’s struggle with pride and faith. The first glimpse of him in the movie is a fight he gets into because he’s tired of being treated like a kid, when he was once a great king; he struggles with Caspian because he thinks of himself as the one in charge; he makes decisions that are selfish and proud; when he is reminded by Lucy to wait for Aslan, he responds he’s tired of waiting and makes a decision that turns into a huge disaster; when asked by Susan “just who are you doing this for,” he continues on in his foolish pride.  He is slow to recognize that Aslan is in charge and his plan is best.

At our family devotions last night we read Proverbs 3 and the famous words of verse 5-6 made for a great discussion about Peter’s attitude in the movie.  “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your paths.” Peter was slow to trust and quick to lean on his own understanding.


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